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EET's environmental division provides a wide range of services, from UST/AST programs to hazardous materials management; site assessments and site investigation; alternatives analysis; remediation design; and construction support. We have extensive experience working at brownfields, industrial, petroleum, chemical and hazardous waste sites, as well as within occupied public and private facilities, where the public safety is always a priority. We provide the best and most cost-effective solutions for each project.


EET's Engineering Group provides planning and design services that offer innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for water and wastewater Plants, chemical Plants, power generation Plants, rivers, channels, and parks and recreational facilities.Our professional staff combines the high level of understanding of engineering principles, with the availability of new tools and new techniques to handle the full spectrum of engineering challenges. And, as part of the EET family of companies, our engineering staff can call on our experts in chemical processes, construction management, environmental services, and architecture, thus greatly enhancing our ability to fully serve a diverse clientele in a broad range of the Industry


EET offers a full range of analytical methods and data deliverable products to meet the requirements of numerous environmental regulatory programs. Our staff of environmental professionals and project managers can assist clients with regulatory issues and are available to consult with clients to choose the appropriate test methods for their projects.

Essential Environmental Technologies. (EET) is a company that offers these services in entire East Coast, mainly the New York Area. EET helps its clients to analyze return on investment for their projects. Contact us to show the best ROI, you may be pleasantly surprised with your saving and return on your investment.